20 of the Most Loved Photo-Manipulations Online

As an computer graphic artist working with photo-manipulations you can get inspiration by looking at others’ work. Sometimes it can be interesting to have look at what other people like the most when browsing art. Here is a list of 20 photo-manipulations that people from all around the world really love!

The featured image for this post is the sparkling and creative photo-manipulation named everything i see, by Naomi. I thought it would be nice with some colors now when the winter is getting closer here in Sweden.

A me mi piace la gnocca

No Strings Attached

Photo-manipulations by David Waters

Monroe 3000

Rock Ornaments

Conceptual | Surreal


The Renaissance of Colors

Bacardi – Shoot & Fly

The Struggle

Machinery of the Stars


Fire Within Me

Go your own road


A Soul’s Silhouette


Infernal blight



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